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Purchase Rossi Model 92 Rail Mount


Where to Measure Your Rifle


Purchase Information
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Note: We Can Ship 2 Rails Together in One First Class Envelope for the Same Shipping Cost as One Rail! We Can Also Ship Up to 5 Rails Together in One Priority Mail Box.

Note: Rails can be ordered in un-anodized aluminum for Stainless Steel guns.  Send an e-mail
linking to your order for aluminum rail.

Purchase Rossi Model 92 Rail Mount w/Adjustable Sight Rail


ONLY $64.95
If the distance measuring from the front of the receiver to the center of the dovetail of the rear sight is 2 3/16“, 3 1/4“, 3 5/8“, 7/8“, and 4 1/4” (inches), this mount should fit.

Note: If your gun is made by Winchester before 1964, not Rossi, please order the Model 94 rail above as all Winchesters are the same. 



Gun Models Requiring Special Orders

  • New Winchester 94/92’s that are made in Japan, usually by Miroko.
    MODEL 92
  • Guns Made by Chiappa
  • Browning B-92
  • Any rifle that doesn’t fit the above measurements.
  • It will fit the Mod 9410 with proper measurement (See Above).

Please e-mail us for all special order requests! We will be sure to get in contact with you and help you get outfitted with the correct rail for your firearm.