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Purchase Rossi Model 92 Rail Mount


Where to Measure Your Rifle


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Note: We Can Ship 2 Rails Together in One First Class Envelope for the Same Shipping Cost as One Rail! We Can Also Ship Up to 5 Rails Together in One Priority Mail Box.

Note: Rails can be ordered in un-anodized aluminum for Stainless Steel guns.  Send an e-mail
linking to your order for aluminum rail.

Purchase Rossi Model 92 Rail Mount w/Adjustable Sight Rail


ONLY $64.95
If the distance measuring from the front of the receiver to the center of the dovetail of the rear sight is 2 3/16“, 3 1/4“, 3 5/8“, 7/8“, and 4 1/4” (inches), this mount should fit.

Note: If your gun is made by Winchester before 1964, not Rossi, please order the Model 94 rail above as all Winchesters are the same. 



Gun Models Requiring Special Orders

  • New Winchester 94/92’s that are made in Japan, usually by Miroko.
    MODEL 92
  • Guns Made by Chiappa
  • Browning B-92
  • Any rifle that doesn’t fit the above measurements.
  • It will fit the Mod 9410 with proper measurement (See Above).

Please e-mail us for all special order requests! We will be sure to get in contact with you and help you get outfitted with the correct rail for your firearm.

Taxes will be charged on eBay and Amazon orders but NOT through our website store above.

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